Or the Strombo Show app. Shout out to Tim Mitra, who made that app. God love you man. One day I was having some issues with my Apple product. I looked on the Internet. How can I find someone to help me fix this stuff… and I found this guy called Tim Mitra… and he’s come on to be a very important part of this family. Strombo.com, the microphone, the app and all that. So God love and much love to Tim.
– George Stroumboulopoulos
The Strombo Show @strombo

Great people with all the answers…

After one phone call I was hooked on iT Guy Technologies. I have now converted my entire 11 person office to Mac. Their honest and folksy charm makes them different from every other IT service I have ever dealt with. They are fast, reliable and reasonable.

I have them on a monthly retainer now. You should do the same.
– Owner
Security Conscious

Mac Geeks in the very best way

From the initial contact to get information on the right Mac for me, to set up and installation of the Mac, IT Guy Technologies have been the go-to folks for everything I have needed. No problem is too small or question too stupid. They are patient as they help the not-so-tech folks get out of whatever fix they have put themselves into. They have great advice about upgrades and they make recommendations based on what your needs are. I have moved a 2-hour drive out of the original area, but still call on them when I need help.

– PSLovemyMac

If there’s one Mac [company] to take to a desert island, this one’s it.

No one knows the Apple world like iT Guy Technologies. From app development to web hosting and site development to systems and server support, iT Guy Technologies does it all. Simply put: iT Guy Technologies makes problems go away — fast and with minimum fuss. Experience the results yourself. You’ll never be so glad to have some kind of Mac issue.

– James Dunlop
Creative Guy

Reliable, Smart Solutions – always do a great job!

I’ve worked with iT Guy Technologies for many years and have never been disappointed. They provide high quality work and smart cutting edge solutions. Customer service is friendly and reliable, always taking the time to make sure that, as a client, I understand completely what we’re doing….they remember to talk to me like I’m actually not an IT expert – which is greatly appreciated.

I would hire them again in a snap given the opportunity and recommend their services 100%.
– Marty Percival
Marshall Fenn Communcations

IT guy technologies has consistently provided us with highly effective web services in a prompt, efficient and professional manner. They have proven to be reliable both as internet consultants and creative advisors.

– Carolyn Offman
The Art Shoppe

I am a creative guy in an ad agency. We not a particularly technically-minded bunch, but what we lack in hi-speed know-how, we make up for with impatience and demanding expectations. Tim weathers all this with a sense of equanimity and in-depth expertise. He’s fast, understanding and proficient. More than that, he’s the only IT guy I’ve ever encountered who has a good sense of humour.

– James Dunlop
Marshall Fenn Communications

It isn’t easy finding vendors who have reasonable prices and that are
comfortable to work with, especially in the design/advertising/PR sector. iT Guy Technologies has filled that roll nicely for CMI Canada becoming one of our valued partners in the acquisition of Mac hardware and software licensing. They have also done some very robust customized applications that have improved
workflows greatly.

Their key strength in my opinion other than their professionalism and
customer service is the dedication to follow up especially when quick
turnaround is critical. The training aspect of their business is also something that we are looking at as a value-add to our organization to keep up to date as technologies update or change.

– Dale Persad
Director of Technology
CMI Canada

I like the convenience of closing the lid on my MacBook instead of having to log like I used to with my PC

– Daria, age 6 !!!

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