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iT Guy Technologies has partnered with Irongate and Background Backup to provide you with automated, encrypted back up services to a secure location (here in Ontario). You can chose to back up any number of client computers individually or through a central device on your premises. If disaster strikes and you lose your systems through hardware failure, fire or theft you data is securely stored off site. You can immediately start to restore your data or we can arrange to restore your data to a portable drive and rush it out to you via courier. This managed service permits your team to work and rest assured, knowing that your backups are being professionally monitored daily, for as little as 50¢ per day, or $15 per month.

The system supports Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.6 clients as well as Windows, Linux and Solaris clients and servers. Unlike Time Machine backups you can control what files are most important to you and only choose to back those up. Your data is stored in encrypted format and compressed to save space and is available to for restore immediately. You can choose to restore a single file, several folders of files or the entire drive.

Free 14-day trial. Download the installer(s) and try Background Backup for fourteen days.

Background Backup is priced economically to make enterprise-grade backup and restore capabilities available to small and medium-sized businesses. Starting at just $15.00 per month, this full-feature backup service works on or off your corporate network, permits the protection of external devices and includes all software, updates and access to experienced, results-driven support.

Digital information is the lifeblood of any modern day business. Background Backup specializes in protecting your data and presenting it back to you in your corporation’s eleventh hour, just when you need it the most. All members of our protected family enjoy unlimited online access to our secure backup servers, with no bandwidth limitations or throughput charges. All data stores and support resources (email, online and toll-free telephone) are located, monitored and serviced by our responsive and effective support team, right here in Canada.

Peace of mind and global access to your critical personal and corporate files is available for as little as $15.00 per month, per system, through our 10 GB plan. Additional monthly gigabytes are available for $1 per gigabyte. This provides ample room to protect all the personal/business contacts, calendar events, email messages/attachments, working documents and system logs that a moderate to heavy-use administrative worker or manager would be using.

If you need to burst above your assigned capacity because something big is going on, no worries: Background Backup will flex with you. If required on an extended basis, additional space is available to all accounts at the rate of $1 per GB, per month.

If you have a large number of users to backup on your network you can also get a Background Backup centralized appliance to collect your back up data. Then you can decide which data is critical and gets backed up off site on our servers.

Find out more… Secure Your Data @ iT-Guy

Please note that all costs listed above are in Canadian dollars, and exclude any applicable taxes. Storage charges are based on the data-deduplicated and compressed archive size, not the size of the raw data being protected - it’s only fair to pass the benefits of technology on to you!


The "restore to hard drive" option is $99 plus the cost of the drive of your choice.

If you’re interested you can review the terms and conditions here.

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