Secom Training – Enterprise App - Secom Training App is an eLearning tool for training and testing guards. It was developed for Secom Australia. Course material is accessible by users on either iPhone or iPad. Each user logs in and records and test results are stored separately in our unique multi-user test environment.

John Hancock Insurance i-Illustrator – iPhone and iPad app versions - This app allows agents to create and illustrate insurance plans for clients across all 52 states. Agents can access a Quick Quote and PDFs quotes. Quotes and cases can also be saved to the John Hancock web site tools. Products are automatically updated .

Pi Day Countdown – iPhone app - Who doesn't want to celebrate Pi Day! This was a fun app counting down the hours, minutes and second until Pi Day. Users can also use the app to countdown to any date they like by editing the year, date, hours, minutes and seconds. The app will also display a custom message. A future update will include a local alert once the date has arrived.
Download from the App Store.

Security Guard 101 – eLearning on iPhone and iPad - Security Guard 101 is the must-have, indispensable app for anyone interested in becoming a security professional. Written by security experts with easy-to-read sections ranging from introduction to security to code of conduct, heath and safety, the legal system, use of force, emergency first aid and much more. Security Guard 101 also includes 10-question randomized quizzes after each section - which can also be accessed directly - and features a 60-question mock final test to help users better prepare for certification. Security Guard 101 is available for both iPhone and iPad.
Download from the App Store.

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