2life Ultimate Wedding Planner - Plan your celebration together! 2life Ultimate Wedding Planner is the best way for you and your partner to get inspired and organized for your big day! This app is your virtual three-ring binder with syncing across your devices in real time. You can plan vendor appointments using the shared calendar; collect and comment on photos; bookmark local vendors and important websites; stay on top of to-do's using the lists feature; browse inspi

2life app
Featured in Social Media - 2life is the app for your most important relationship—a private, secure and organized environment designed for two. Chat, share, collaborate and coordinate with your partner, all in one place. In a hyper-connected world, the one connection that matters most to you can get lost in the clutter of multiple apps and many people’s messages. One tap takes you into 2life where you can communicate, share and plan with only your partner, in one colorful, easy-to-use app.

The Bay Gift Registry By 2 For Life Media Inc. - Are you getting married or attending a wedding? The Bay Gift Registry iPad app is your source for amazing gifts to give and receive.
The Bay offers Canada’s most comprehensive gift registry—just think of us as your registry concierge. Tap the gift registry tab to create your registry then use our Wedding Guide to create your ultimate Wish List. You’ll find hot designer brands, exclusive products and a whole range of fashionable styles and colours. You can’t build a registry like this anywhere else!
Our version is no longer on the app store

Ultimate Wedding Planner – iPad app
Featured on the App Store - Lifestyle - This app built on the ITG Publishing System presented articles by 2 For Life highlighting almost everything you need to plan your wedding. Articles in a digital magazine style covered top wedding trends, wedding style ideas with amazing photo essays, an online gown search, designer dress directory, wedding day primer and more. The app also featured a link to 2's wedding twitter feed. A special built in micro app is the Wedding Worksheets to help you plan the wedding budget, seating plans, honeymoon packing list all designed to help you make your wedding plans.

ROYAL WEDDING 2011 – Keepsake Edition: iPad app - This app built on the ITG Publishing System presented articles by 2 For Life highlighting the upcoming wedding; Fun facts about the royal couple, a map of London's royal hot spots, bling for the future king, dress shopping for Kate and more. The app also tied into 2's WillandKate Facebook page with minute by minute updates as well as special News Wall with a real-time news feed, access to the 2's royal Guest Book.

The original Royal Wedding apps included live updates from the UK Press Association, a live guest book, Twitter feed and FaceBook content. The Keepsake Edition contains the final snapshot of user content and feeds, as well as a commemorative Photo album and video.

2 FOR COUPLES: Issue No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 – iPad app - Get the latest issue from 2 for Couples—the best 2 bucks you can spend on your relationship each month! Learn how to get in shape with your mate, take a peek inside a real couple's home, and get tips for hosting a movie-themed fete. And if you're itching for a holiday, check out our A-list getaways section for celeb-approved hot spots. Read it together... on your iPad, which is built for 2!

The premier issue includes 2LIFE - "Our 2Life section enables you to create profiles for you and your partner to share valuable information (e.g. important dates, sizes!, household projects) of relevance to the two of you as you embark on your lives together. 2Life is your private area to have with your partner, and you can constantly go in and make updates."

PARTY TRICKS: The Ultimate Entertaining Guide – iPad app - Celebrate your next get-together in style with PARTY TRICKS: The Ultimate Entertaining Guide by 2 For Couples. You’ll find tools to plan the perfect party, from brunch to cocktails and everything in between.

101 BRIDAL GOWNS: Big Style For Your Big Day – iPad app - 101 BRIDAL GOWNS takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect dress for your big day! Categorized by up-to-the-minute bridal trends, the app's portrait mode will inspire you with the best gowns, styled alongside luxe handbags, fancy footwear, and beauty loot fit for even the savviest of shoppers.

101 AMAZING GIFTS By 2 For Life Media Inc – iPad App - 101 AMAZING GIFTS app has great ideas for everyone on your shopping list! This must-have gift app by 2 for Couples is chock full of great shopping ideas for that next holiday, birthday, anniversary or 'just because', and covers everything from style and home to gadgets and one-of-a-kind finds.

ROYAL WEDDING 2011 by 2 For Couples - The app had a countdown to the big day, News supplied by the royal family's Press Associations, Royal Souvenirs, a royal guestbook where users could leave a message for the royal couple and 25 Days of royal giveaways.

2 For Couples – version 2.0
Featured on the App Store - Lifestyle - A refresh of our first app collaboration with 2 For Life Media - includes 2DAY, a dynamic feed with content for couples about couples, 2MAG, the most recent issue of 2 Magazine, SHOPPING, dynamic content or items to buy for Him, Her and Home, DATE NIGHT, ideas for couple outings, MORE2 which includes past issues of 2 Magazine delivered to the app all for FREE.


The Strombo Show App for iPhone
Featured on the App Store, Great Canadian Apps - Entertainment - The Strombo Show app is our way of bringing the show to you anywhere you happen to be. The app allows you to catch the show on demand on your iPhone or iPod Touch and join the musical meeting of minds by sending your song "Requests" directly to George.
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Geese Squad
Featured on the App Store - Great Canadian Apps - Games - Don't Keep The Canada Geese Down -- help them Fly South! Wintertime is approaching, eh? So it is time for the Canadian Geese to start their migration south. Canada's favorite goose has to get ready to fly in formation. So the older birds teach the younger birds about the benefits of flying in the 'V' formation. To gain speed and lift, the birds take turns leading the flock. The 'V' formation also allows geese to rest in flight while the lead bird takes on the strain. You are the lead bird guiding your flock to their winter home in the south. Help the geese fly in formation, collect coins and avoid obstacles.
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Ludojeux Imakoo By SEP Ludojeux - Mélangez Sudoku, Mots Croisés et Mots Fléchés et vous obtiendrez Ludojeux Imakoo ! C’est un nouveau jeu très simple à comprendre qui vous passionnera par son côté ludique et innovant. Le jeu consiste à faire glisser des illustrations représentant une syllabe au bon endroit dans la grille et de valider votre réponse afin de recomposer des mots entiers.

Imakoo, le sudoku des mots – iPad Game - Un jeu de mots totalement nouveau : simple, addictif et passionnant! « Imakoo est un nouveau jeu de mots très sympa qui change de ce que l'on connaît. À mi-chemin entre les mots croisés et les mots fléchés, Imakoo est à la fois captivant et divertissant. Un jeu original et amusant qui permet de jouer avec les mots de manière stimulante et rafraîchissante. »

Bianselon iOS Game - Bianselon was inspired by an app drawing done by my seven year old grandson, Xavier (easter egg in the game). He is fascinated with reptiles, and conceived of the puzzle where like a chameleon, you would have to match a pattern that you've just seen. (Bian se long is Chameleon in Chinese)


Device Tracker – Universal app - Do you have a lot of gear that you need to keep track of? This simple little tool lets you store information about your devices in a very flexible database. Becomes a quick resource and keeps track of any range of information. The app keeps track of the location, serial numbers, hardware specs, warranty info and more. You can carry the information with you as you travel around your workplace, in your pocket on the iPod, iPhone or in your bag on your iPad.
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Secom Training – Enterprise App - Secom Training App is an eLearning tool for training and testing guards. It was developed for Secom Australia. Course material is accessible by users on either iPhone or iPad. Each user logs in and records and test results are stored separately in our unique multi-user test environment.

John Hancock Insurance i-Illustrator – iPhone and iPad app versions - This app allows agents to create and illustrate insurance plans for clients across all 52 states. Agents can access a Quick Quote and PDFs quotes. Quotes and cases can also be saved to the John Hancock web site tools. Products are automatically updated .

Pi Day Countdown – iPhone app - Who doesn't want to celebrate Pi Day! This was a fun app counting down the hours, minutes and second until Pi Day. Users can also use the app to countdown to any date they like by editing the year, date, hours, minutes and seconds. The app will also display a custom message. A future update will include a local alert once the date has arrived.
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Security Guard 101 – eLearning on iPhone and iPad - Security Guard 101 is the must-have, indispensable app for anyone interested in becoming a security professional. Written by security experts with easy-to-read sections ranging from introduction to security to code of conduct, heath and safety, the legal system, use of force, emergency first aid and much more. Security Guard 101 also includes 10-question randomized quizzes after each section - which can also be accessed directly - and features a 60-question mock final test to help users better prepare for certification. Security Guard 101 is available for both iPhone and iPad.
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