Learn Core Data in SwiftUI visually

Core Data can be a challenging and complex framework to get a good handle on. This book does a great job of demystifying some of the seemingly archaic features. Take for example Sorting and Predicates. These are dissected and individually examined and explained. I could see the pages about Predicates becoming the go to resource to this often arcane looking language. I’m less than 200 pages in, and I’ve learn a ton, even though I’ve been using Core Data for more than 10 years. 

I love the format of these Big Mountain books. They take the time to break down each feature, concisely help to define them, in a visual style that is unique in the tech book industry. If you’re like me, a visual learner, this is the series of books for you. 

Mark Moeykens unique visual guides are a great learning resource. Whether you’re just getting started or already are a seasoned iOS developer, I think you’ll find the content clearly and cleverly presented. 

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