Adapter Board for Smart LCD Controller to Printrboard

Posted on July 27, 2014 by Rick_S

I did a quick design of an adapter board to take the 14 pin connector from the Printrboard to connect to the two 10 pin connectors on the RepRap Smart LCD Controller. This will give you the display and encoder functionality like in the official Printrbot LCD. The reset, buzzer, and SD Card will not function as those signals are not broken out on the Printrboard’s 14 Pin EXP2 Header.

The adapter board measures 3cm x 5cm and looks like this.

The Schematic is pretty simple, just three connectors and some mounting holes.

As with the Full controller, I’ve bundled the files needed for construction into a ZIP file for download.

You can get the files HERE

EDIT 5-29-2016:  The download file has been updated to include the board perimeter in a GKO file.  Hope that will help possible builders.

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