Error Previewing a Child Theme

This one took me a minute to figure out. I had worked on a child theme in WordPress, but ran into the following error when I tried to use Live Preview:

Twenty Seventeen requires at least WordPress version 4.7. You are running version 4.5.20. Please upgrade and try again.

The strange thing is the version of WordPress version 5.x not 4.5.20. Obviously there was a version conflict somewhere. Googling around produced no hits, that made sense.

The cause was that the version of WordPress on the production site was behind the version on the development site. Who knew? So, I updated the production site to the latest version and the problem went away.

I’m posting this so that it can help others.

Episode 211 – Remortgage Your House

We’re back and answering Greg’s askMTJC on DuoTang portfolios. We follow up on alternatives to Back To My Mac, we have a date for the new iPhone & Watch announcements, new iPad renders, Tim Horton’s and Stanford’s Heart Study. Apple and developers suffered an CloudKit outage. Apple buys an AR glasses startup. New apps and updates will require a published privacy policy going forward. An iOS 12 alert is driving beta testers nuts. Picks: Carbon, 360|iDev, Apple IBM & SAP, Fan Expo Canada

Episode 211 Show Notes:

Episode 211 Picks: