Scam – Some limitations have been placed on your Apple account

Wow, this is a pretty convincing email that appears to be coming from Apple. Right down to the links at the bottom. I get emails from Apple all week long, and this is how they look for the most part. Before I clicked the “Verify Now” link, which is an odd request from Apple, I checked the sender address. That’s where I spotted the “.RU” at the end.

Please don’t be fooled by these types of scams. Always verify the sender information. Apple would always address you by name and seldom would ask you to verify your info in this way.

BTW at the bottom of the email, is a broken graphic. That graphic is most likely used to verify your email address and track that you’ve opened the email. Which means that even if you don’t get fooled and click the links, you can look forward to months of new Spam.


E Channel News are spammers

It appears that the people at do not want you to contact them. You cannot unsubscribe from their unwanted email (the provided mechanism doesn’t work.) There is no phone number to contact them with and any attempt to email them bounces back.

It is this author’s expert opinion that they are spammers – and I am going to report them. If you are having trouble getting off their mailing list I suggest you do the same.