Episode 197 – Dub Dub San Jose: WWDC Crystal Ball

We are joined by Greg Heo as we look ahead and suggest what Apple may introduce at WWDC 2018. We follow up on the Command key icon, castle connection, as well as Clifford Stoll and the Cockoo’s Egg. Jaime uncovers ⌘+Ctrl+Shift+H to find a methods callers. Tim relays early experience drawing and designing typefaces in the early days of Mac. AirPlay 2 gives the HomePod the ability to have multi-room and stereo audio. HomePod launching in Canada, France, and Germany. Felix Krause thinks apps should be in a network sandbox. App Insight attempts to expose 3rd party framework use. Genius Bar Broke an iMac Pro. We lay down our best guesses about where Apple will go with WWDC 2018. Picks: How to debug your mobile hybrid app on iOS, Beacon – Signal Availability by Ashley Nelson-Hornstein, Prioritize Work with Quality of Service Classes.

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Episode 168 – Preaching To The Choir

We discuss #askMTJC on iPhone Plus models landscape SplitView mode, PGP encryption apps, the iOS 11 Calculator bug, and Blockchain diplomas. We follow up on GPG encryption tools, iPhone X Demand, and Reachability on the iPhone X. We discuss experiences of trying to pre-order iPhone X models by ourselves and others. We also discuss Gluon: a new library for machine learning from AWS and Microsoft, SiriKit in 11.2 beta brings commands for the upcoming HomePod. Picks: Tips and Tricks: Ten Safari long-press shortcuts for iPhone and iPad and Xcode’s Show Live Issues.

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Episode 85 – Roses Are Grey. Violets are Grey. I Am a Dog.

This week we discuss the inevitable death of Twitter, the rise of Pro iOS app pricing and the return of old formats. We follow up on feedback regarding privacy as discussed on Episode 84. We hear Tim’s opinion on the 9.7 inch iPad Pro and discuss the differences with it’s larger sibling. We discuss Joe Cieplinski’s post on iPhone SE upgrade woes. Booking.com breaks iOS 9.3. Picks: Linux on Windows, Safari Preview Edition, nscurl, Hermes knockoffs, Google Cardboard for iOS and Charles Proxy.


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Notifications – enough already!

If are annoyed by web sites offering to send you Notifications, the last thing you need is more distractions. Notifications were a pain on iOS and now that pain is available on OSX.

To turn of the near constant offers, go to Safari Preferences and uncheck the option for web sites to ask


Apple’s new iPad – a game changer

Apple announced the iPad today. It is a hybrid of an iPod Touch, Amazon Kindle and a Mac. At long last we have our beloved Newton and a graphic tablet all rolled into one…hardware-04-20100127
Early reviews are mixed with many people impressed and some pundits less than enthusiastic. The latter critical that Apple has modified and added their iWork apps to the device. Here’s a bit of office productivity and yet they would complain if there was no productivity apps.

Apple is now the “world’s largest mobile devices company in the world” – bigger than Nokia, Samsung and Sony (in the mobile devices space.) Apple introduced the world’s first modern laptop in 1991 with the introduction of the PowerBook – with a raised keyboard, palm rests, an integrated pointing device (track ball). The Newton PDA introduced in 1993 and in 2007 Apple reinvented the cell phone with the iPhone.

The iPad represents a third category, according to Apple, between the smart phone and portable laptop. They are insisting that this middle categories key tasks must be better than smart phones or laptops. The key tasks are browsing, email, photo sharing, video, music, games and ebooks. NetBooks, according to Steve Jobs, aren’t better at anything – they’re just cheaper PCs. The iPad in a magical and revolutionary device.

I have been dragging around laptops to meetings since 1991 – apologizing to attendees while waiting for the laptop to start up. Next I got a Newton and apologized while I had to reenter the cursive writing because I hadn’t learned to “write” correctly. Finally moving to a Palm Pilot as my main PDA. Since that time I have continued to use spiral bound paper note books. They’re easy to start – simply open and start writing. However searching the content means flipping physical pages and it’s difficult to email – unless you tear out the page and scan it as an image.

That all changed when the MacBook Air and iPhone came out. The Notes app, contacts, calendar and IMAP email and syncing with Mobile Me is totally productivity for me! I can leave the office and captain my whole business with my iPhone – from the back seat of a street car. I have the latest iMac on my desk, a MacBook Pro 13 in my briefcase as well as a couple of Xserves. The iPad is the device that we have all been longing for. Productivity and portability. With 3G access I can even run my business from the cottage (thanks to iPhone tethering.)

Let’s be honest the iPhone is too small to read a book on – most annoying if you wear bifocals! Too small for a crossword puzzle and now you and your loved one can enjoy a movie together. Newspapers and magazines can now concentrate on delivering content in a new media way. Gone is the static presentation of news and current affairs. I will miss the books from the sixties that say “one day man will land on the moon” but now you’ll have instant access to wikipedias take on Man’s exploration of the heavens. News will now update as quickly as your FaceBook and Twitter feeds.

We actually have 5 iPhones – my main cell, my partner Carol’s and two iPhones to “pass back” for the grandkids to play games on. I’ve had an iPhone since November 2007 (imported from San Francisco) and gladly sold my Blackberry for $25 at a garage sale. Yes, I’ve been annoyed by all of the iPhone’s short comings – What!? No copy and paste!? Hey! I used to have three Newtons so I know about patience. But at the end of the day, the iPad is a unix driven device that you can easily carry around and watch movies while you’re on break! Don’t worry Speck will make an awesome case and OtterBox will make a weather proof case for the bathtub. In the meantime use a ZipLock bag to keep it dry.

iPad Features:

  • high-resolution, 9.7 inch LED-backlit, IPS display
  • wide, 178° viewing angle
  • Multi-Touch screen
  • just 1.5 lbs and 0.5 inches thin
  • 10 hour lithium polymer battery technology
  • Wi-Fi, built-in 802.11n and BlueTooth + EDR
  • available in an unlocked 3G model using GSM micros SIMs
  • 1GHz A4 chip inside iPad was custom-designed by Apple
  • choice of 16, 32 or 64GB flash storage
  • 30-pin dock connector, charge or connect the Camera Connection Kit or the Keyboard Dock
  • Microphone & powerful, built-in speaker produces a full, rich sound
  • Accelerometer & Compass (GPS)
  • iPad will run almost 140,000 apps from the App Store
  • iWork productivity applications, Keynote, Numbers and Pages
  • Safari, Mail, Photos, Video, YouTube, iPod, iTunes, App Store, iBooks, Maps, Notes, Calendar and Contacts
  • $499 – $839 USD