Episode 222 – Everyone’s A Publisher

We follow up on folding phones as Google adds support to Android. Apple cuts production on all new iPhone X series phones. Verizon will bring eSIM support for iPhones. Amazon US will now sell Macs for Apple. Prince William weighs in on social network giants lack of discretion. Tim Cook says regulations as inevitable. Apple has bought a privacy-conscious AI start up. Picks: Swift Heroes 2018 conference videos, Mini vMac for iOS, Deep Learning Specialization

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Episode 221 – Not Expected Behavior

We look at #askMTJC from Paul Wilkinson on emptying the bin. Greg Heo joins us again as we discuss Apple’s plan to replace unresponsive screens on iPhone X models. An iPhone X has exploded after being recharged. Spotify has launched an Apple Watch app. Apple’s T2 chip will require a post upgrade/repair diagnostic tool to be run. Apple’s stock price continues to drop as more suppliers lower their estimates on future iPhone XR orders. We also discuss Samsung’s foldable phone and Google’s Pixel 3 Night Sight feature. We discuss Swift LSP and MIT’s 6.001 course on Lisp and Scheme. Picks: Is this AI? We drew you a flowchart to work it out, Kotlin Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, AloeStackView, Re-creating the Siri Shortcuts Drawer Interaction.

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Episode 212 – The Boiling Point

We discuss the naming and iconography of the new iPhone models. We also discuss our “guess the name” twitter pole. How did Apple make the secret twitter list and send out the Keynote in 108 seconds. Apple shipped 4 million Watches in the past quarter. Oleg Begemann’s What’s New in Swift playground has been updated. The European regulators have cleared Apple’s purchase of Shazam. We also cover the “Gather Round” iPhone & Watch event: Apple Watch Series 4, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR. Picks: Beyond Meat Burger supply, Fish shell, exa, bat, Trailer.io

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Episode 192 – The Quadruple One

This week we are joined by Marin Todorov to discuss his new book and apps. We follow up on Flight School’s meaning, an iPad screen protector vendor leaks the 2018 model, downloading your Google profile and Marin relays European ISP experiences. The last Apple Watch boutique is closing. We also follow up on Susan Kare: the woman who gave the Mac its smile. We discuss the new trade-in program with Apple GiveBack, Daisy: Apple’s new iPhone-recycling robot, FoundationDB is Open Source and Marin’s book – Realm: Building Modern Swift Apps with Realm Database. Picks: 5 Useful 3D Touch Features for iPhone, Snipetty, Bringing Objective-C to the Amiga, How to build your own Alexa skills with the new Alexa Blueprints, Xcode Treasures: Master the Tools to Design, Build, and Distribute Great Apps, Mixpanel v. 3.3.0 – opt in/out at run time

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Episode 167 – Death By Design

We start this week’s show with a discussion about preordering the iPhone X. We follow up with the Quick Start method for migrating your identity to a new iOS device. We also follow up on predictions of iPhone X supply rumors. Death By Design is a documentary about the creation and disposal of all the electronic devices we crave and their toll on some societies and the environment. Jaime lightens the discussion with a look a the percentage of games using ARKit. Picks: Theodolite, iOS 11 Bug: Typing 1+2+3 Quickly in the Calculator App Won’t Get You 6, Face Tracking with ARKit.

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Sending outside email inside Rogers

Q. When we have guests on our network they have trouble of sending mail. We are with Rogers and the messages go out but they don’t get delivered. What could be wrong?

A. A few years ago Rogers and Yahoo joined forces so they could manage mail services together using Yahoo’s mail servers. While this benefits the services involved in managing e-mail and spam filtering, it resulted in some new rules and restrictions.

Early in the days of the Internet users were much more friendly and could be trusted on wide scale basis. Since most users on Internet could be trusted security on the systems was much looser and most mail servers could accept and relay e-mail to other users. As the Internet grew more and more nefarious types started to take advantage of this trust. Spammers soon found out this loose policy could be taken advantage of. A server that would accept mail from any e-mail address became known as an open relay.

It is estimated that 90% of all e-mail traffic is actually Spam. These days most mail servers block e-mail from domain names that are not registered among their users. So when a strange e-mail lands on the mail server it is often checked against lists of known spammers or simply refused out right. The latter is becoming the more often chosen protocol and users are now finding that their e-mail is not reaching the intended recipient. Some mail administrators maintain white lists of valid e-mail addresses but this is proved to be a huge task to manage.

If you’re trying to send e-mail via a Rogers/Yahoo you must be using a Rogers e-mail account otherwise you have to add the outgoing e-mail address to your accepted users list. Go to http://mail.yahoo.com and login with your Rogers e-mail account and password. Once you’re logged in click on the ‘Mail’ link in the top right corner. Next click on the “Options” link. You should see a place where you can add an e-mail account. Enter your guest’s or other non-Rogers e-mail address and press the “Add” button, you can skip the next screen and at the bottom you’ll find a validation code. At the same time Rogers/Jack who will send an e-mail to that address. However you can copy the code and simply paste it into the dialog screen and press validate.

When complete you will see the outgoing e-mail address listed and you will be able to send outgoing e-mail from within the Rogers network. It is annoying extra set of steps but you can’t blame Rogers for wanting to protect its clients from the barrage of unwanted mail.

More added June 16, 2009


Dear Customer,

This is an important reminder about upcoming security enhancements that will require you to make some adjustments to your e-mail settings in your Rogers Yahoo! Mail (Webmail) options.

According to our records you use an alternate e-mail address in the “From” line of your messages. As a result of upcoming security enhancements starting on April 3rd, you will need to make a change to your e-mail settings so you can continue to send messages from this alternate e-mail address.

If you have already updated your e-mail settings in your Rogers Yahoo! Mail (Webmail) options, there’s no need to take further action.

If you have not completed the steps below, it is very important that you update your e-mail settings prior to April 3rd so you can continue to send messages from your alternate e-mail address.

This change should take under 5 minutes to complete. You simply need to:
to your Rogers Yahoo! Mail (Webmail) account
Add the e-mail address(es) that you typically use in the “From” field of your e-mail messages to your “Mail Profile”
To get detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to make this quick change, visit:

We are pleased to continually deliver a safe and reliable Internet experience to you.

Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Technical Support


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