Beware poor online security practices.

Please beware of web sites that do not securely save user passwords. As a web developer myself I am surprised at how often user login information is not securely managed and is sent by email over the Internet in plain text.

One such web site is the new Ontario Electronic Stewardship – Steward Registration web site ( Make sure that if you register on such a web site that you do not use a password that you can afford to lose. When I registered, they sent me an email “for my records” and in plain text it contained my account number, my email address and the password that I had registered with. I immediately fired off a notice to them – suggesting they review their policies – but I am shocked that an agency that will be collect fees have LITTLE regard for PRIVACY!

If you are a web developer or if you are hiring a web developer PLEASE make sure that your registered subscribers information is securely maintained and protected.

Web sites to beware of (as of date): (August 2008) (March 2008) – Roy Thompson Hall/Massey Hall