Episode 194 – There Is No Step Three

This week we follow up on iTunes on Windows, UIViewPropertyAnimator, iPhone 7 microphone issues, Countdown To WWDC, and the first pedestrian death by Uber’s self-driving car. We discuss the 20th Anniversary of the iMac, the call for Apple Heart Study, Lobe’s use of Core ML, and Apple cracking down on location sharing. We also cover the Microsoft Build 2018 and Google I/O 2018 keynotes. Picks: Vapor 3, Dealing With Dates, Frinkiac.com

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Episode 49 – We Say Ship it!

This week we discuss Apple Music prompted by Jim Dalrymple’s online rant. Why do you need to manage your music when Apple will do it for you? We discuss Apple’s Q3 results and Apple’s awkward children the Mac App Store, the iPod and iPad – and how they are used. Picks this week are KeroBlaster,  Mechanize for Ruby and App Store Health Check.

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Episode 48 – Preparing for Disaster & Other Vestigial Tales

This week we talk about the new 6th Generation iPod Touch as well as the oddity of continuing cellular minutes & data charges. We follow up on REPL as it relates to Swift scripting on the command line. We discuss the new lower app pricing tier in emerging markets. Picks: Matt Luedke’s Free App Preview Music, AltConf 2015 and Swift Summit videos.

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Flash Video iPod and iTunes 9

On September 9, 2009 Steve Jobs returned to the stage to discuss Apple’s new music products for the upcoming holiday season. Jobs, in case you hadn’t heard, had returned to Apple after a liver transplant done while he took a six month medical leave. He made the point of thanking his organ donor.

The highlights of the products introduced were an iPod Classic with a 160 GB hard drive and a new iPod Touch model with a faster processor and either a 32 GB or 64 GB Solid State Drive. To compete in the “flash video” cameras, Apple has added a video camera to the iPod Nano. As well as being an “insanely great” portable music player the addition of a video camera means that users can capture events and upload to social media sites like Youtube and Flicker.

On the software side, Apple introduced a revamped iTunes 9 with movie and music accompanied with “album art” and other interactive content previously part of the “vinyl LP” paradigm but missing in the digital music age. Additionally iPhone users can manage there iPhone Apps within iTunes.