Web Site Portfolio

Here are some of the web sites we have worked on.

The ArtShoppe Version 2009

We recently automated the site so that the assets will be sotrable and searchable. Using php and a mysql backend the content on the site is easily and quickly updated. The site now (Jan 2009) has a Flash intro and is all PHP/MySQL driven.

2 For Couples Web Site

2 For Couples

2 For Life Media has moved there magazine content on to a PHP/MySQL web site based on Joomla with tons of customization. We built our own modules and components along with a custom template which has allowed us break away from Joomla’s standard presentation. The end result is that we have been able to meet the requirements for a client who is used to print layout while paying attention to the way various browsers and platforms present the content.

Word Press skinning and widgets

Marshall Fenn Blog
James Dunlop Copywriting

Capture U

A web site focusing on Capture One software. With courses and articles content by Walter Borchenko. This is a completely hand-crafted e-learning web product.

Stillwood Galleries

The American web site showcasing Steven Crainford’s Photograpy – Pure CSS, with the usual handcrafted object oriented PHP and Mysql.

Vasken Jewellers

Suppliers of fine jewelry. Intro written in Flash with PHP product gallery.

Steven Crainford Photogaphy

This site (2004) to showcases Steven Crainford’s photography. It is built with PHP and MySQL. The backend employs open-source image software and my own home grown water marking to protect Steven’s images

Artco Contract Furnishings Inc.

Suppliers of Fine Furninshings to The World’s Premier Hotels. This is their first web site and our first “rapid prototype” site built with Abobe’s Fireworks CS3

Ice Time Finder (Ice Hockey)

Looking for a pick up game in your area. This site is in development. The free site already has most of the arenas in Ontario listed and you can already plan a game and send out automatic notices by email. Players can RSVP in advance (again by email). We will be adding the ability to invite walk-ons and to have player rankings so that the games will be evenly matched up. We will also expand the site accommodate other sports such as soccer and baseball

Shaker Roads

Shaker Roads makes and sells fine Shaker style furniture in Ancaster ON. They also hold regular woodworking courses on the weekend at their workshop/home in the country. They also have special lumber for sale.

Westmount on the Park

We recently re-skined the site to match the printed ads. We also added easily editable content and a photo gallery


This is new site (2005 – still under development) is built entirey with PHP and MySQL. It is intended to create an online community showcasing services in the Toronto area. Why not plan your next event with our site. User’s can pick the date, send invitations and even gather feedback from guests, such as what to do, what to eat and even where to go. Afterwards guests can rate the event and the host can upload pictures. The ability to right reviews of the venues is coming soon. Check it out, it’s constantly changing…

PHP Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery is the foundation for a series of digital asset management sites, built with PHP and MySQL. The photographers can upload their own images, which can then be displayed by others. The thumbnail and larger views are generated automatically and the metadata is stored in a MySQL database.

PHP Photo Albums

Here’s a photo gallery that is strictly done with PHP (and a text file as an index.) Using a variable called “albumkey”, we can switch between galleries. The original galleries are written in Perl, but these are all PHP!

The Hockey Pool

This is an example of a MacOSX server, using Apache, PHP and MySQL. We run a season pool and a playoff pool. Users submit there teams via a web form pulling NHL players from a MySQL database. The form they use stores their picks and once a day a shell script fetches the data and PHP displays the data in HTML tables.

The English Studio

The English Studio site like, this site, is built with javascript templates. There is a page template, into which is placed several javascript elements which are written to the page in HTML. The content on each page can be quickly updated and items that are global like the naviagtion, are consitent accross the site. This is done because the host ISP doesn’t allow CGI or PHP scripting.

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