What Makes a Baby – web site & eBook

Author Cory Silverberg, a well know sex therapist, had written a print book to aid parents in discussing procreation with their very young children. He wanted us to create an epub for iBooks and Kindle Fire as well as a companion web site for his book “What Makes a Baby?”

Without a web site to promote the book as well as an epub generated for iBooks and Kindle Fire formats, the book faced an uncertain launch. It was funded by the Kickstarter campaign, so he also needed to distribute epubs and pdf versions of the book – each with a secure login for backers.


We created two separate epubs from the original digital files. At the time the “fixed format” style of ePub was not automatable. We created and tested the ePubs on iPad, iPhone and Android devices. We set up a password-protected, cloud-based system was set up to distribute to Kickstarter backers.

The ePubs were also submitted for distribution on Apple’s iBook Store and Amazon’s digital store.

We developed a custom WordPress template for what-makes-a-baby.com. The template is so successful that it masks the underlying architecture of the site, despite the fact that we built it so Cory can update the site content himself.

To date the site gets an average of 5,700 unique viewers every month. They view an average of almost two pages and they have a bounce rate of only 56.%. 89% of visitors are new users and the average user spends 1:20 on the site.

May 30, 2013