iPlanitOnline – online planning, sharing & community

The client wanted to create an online community without employing 3rd party elements. The site would enable members to share in coupons from restaurants, plan events with their friends and share thoughts and photos.

Online communities were in their infancy. FaceBook, MySpace, Meetup and the like were just starting out. The goal was to build an online community.


This  site is built entirey with a custom framework in PHP and MySQL. It is intended to create an online community showcasing services in the Toronto area. Why not plan your next event with our site. User’s can pick the date, send invitations and even gather feedback from guests, such as what to do, what to eat and even where to go. Afterwards guests can rate the event and the host can upload pictures. The ability to right reviews of the venues is coming soon. Check it out, it’s constantly changing…

The site was built from scratch, no Joomla or Wordpress. Gamefication was also employed to create incentives for users.

June 20, 2005