2life Website

2 For Life ife wanted a companion website to support marketing of the 2life app, provide blog content, feed the website and provide content in the iOS app.

Without a successful supporting website, 2life risked the failure of its nascent app. This was a crucial opportunity to grow readership and expand influence in the market.


We created an interactive site to collect users and promote the app. The site provides an app tour as well as content that would be of interest to 2life readers. We built a custom WordPress template to reflect the look of the app. The WP site provides stylized blogging tools and articles managed by category. The front page houses an interactive demo of the app. Customized content detectors switches the site style to match the “wedding” version of the app.

On average, the site now enjoys 30 000 visitors each month with 78% being new users. There is 35% user engagement and only a 62% bounce rate. Average time spent on the site is an impressive 5:50.

May 31, 2014