How We Can Help

At iT Guy Technologies we help you get your ideas on to the iPhone, iPad & the web. We can help you build the ideal app or web site and get it to market effectively so you can grow your brand. We can assist with publishing apps or help build them or build them for you. Our staff of mobile application architects, engineers and developers will see your application through from concept, design to published and installed on iPhones and iPads around the world. iT Guy Technologies also develops dynamic Web 2.0 applications as well as iPhone and Mac OS X applications. iT Guy Technologies provides managed web services, email hosting, web site hosting and ftp access on privately managed servers.


We create, produce and publish a wide variety of podcasts. We covering technologies, the arts and popular culture.

We can assist you with recording, production and marketing your podcast products.


We create touch points that allow people to experience your company on their hand-held devices.

Our application developers will see your application through from concept, design to published and installed on mobile devices around the world


We develop websites that give you an online presence and enhance the way users interact with your company.

From soup to nuts, we can be your entire development and IT resource or we can augment existing, in-house IT.

Either way, we’re happy to handle as much or as little as you want, depending on your time, requirements and budget.

Case Studies

Assembled here is some of the work we’ve done for our clients. It’s our track record. From apps to website development, we’ve done it all. For clients with limited options, limited budgets, no budgets, no time or no idea how to even begin. In every case we created work we’re proud of and, more importantly, that made our clients very happy.

Recent Work

We create unique, engaging, customized apps that give users fun and compelling ways to interact with your services. Whether it’s a tool for field agents to gather, track and share data or an educational game designed for kids to have fun with, we can make it.

Web Sites
Whether it’s a brand new site or a refresh of an existing one, whether it’s a micro-site designed to augment a larger site or an augmentation of services such as e-commerce, we’ll start by sitting down with you to plan your website strategic planning. Then we’ll keep you in the loop as we conceive, design, develop, write, prototype, test, implement, produce and deploy web solutions

Web Services
We offer managed web services, maintenance, email hosting, web site hosting and FTP access on scaleable servers. When you bring us on, you get a customized solution and the security of knowing we’ll give you exactly what you need on time and on budget.


I’ve worked with iT Guy Technologies for many years and have never been disappointed. They provide high quality work and smart cutting edge solutions. Customer service is friendly and reliable, always taking the time to make sure that, as a client, I understand completely what we’re doing….they remember to talk to me like I’m actually not an IT expert – which is greatly appreciated. — Marty Percival

I am a creative guy in an ad agency. We not a particularly technically-minded bunch, but what we lack in hi-speed know-how, we make up for with impatience and demanding expectations. Tim weathers all this with a sense of equanimity and in-depth expertise. — James Dunlop

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