A case for the Subscription App Price Model

App development, like art, is an expense of creative energy and effort. Once published, maintenance and upkeep takes a considerable amount of time and skill. Keeping up with changes in technology that Apple and Android add complicate a developers life. Imagine having to update a painting or redo a sculpture in a new medium because the galleries change how your work is to be consumed.

In 2014, the kids decided to drive app prices down to the free model to generate downloads – commoditizing the app business and frankly taking the fun out of this creative outlet.

As a result, People just won’t pay what an app is truly worth. They expect apps to be free. Adding ads to apps is a futile effort as it requires tens of thousands of downloads and repeated use to make even a meager income. Pizza money is what most developers get.

Lately, developers and publishers have landed on the subscription model. If you’re app is compelling enough you can derive a better sustainable, recurring income over time. However, It takes a long time to reach an equilibrium.

You also have to factor in the market you are creating an app for. If the market is small, Eg. the Go life or death scenario app, then you need to charge more per month. The app you mentioned wants $13 per month and that may in fact be steep. How many people do you suppose would even download that app in the first place (Boomer)?

Photoshop on iPad can be had for around $20 per month minimum. Adobe is making a killing on their subscriptions. It used to cost $1,500 to upgrade annually. Subscription for the full adobe packed is around $49 – $50 per month – comes out to the same over a couple of years. Adobe also has a lot of mouths to feed. It’s a necessary evil and you’re hooked in. Imagine if your oil paints, canvases and brushes locked at the end of the month if you stopped paying?

Even successful app developers have gone out of business with the subscription model. It’s not a simple hobby and the work: code and design has value.

Bottom line: if you like an app and want to to be improved and maintained then pay your developers. Like any creative pursuit, funds are needed for the long haul.

Maybe $13/mo is too much. The developer may lower the price when no one subscribes. If they’re a smart marketer, they will try other ways to make an income. He’s bringing an incredible domain knowledge to the world of wannabe Go players.

Subscriptions are the model for the foreseeable future. Don’t be to hasty to deny the dev a living.

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Pay your developers.

Episode 186 – iPhone X: /aɪ/ /fəʊn/ /ten/

face palm

We start with some follow up on the mysterious red menubar bug and Vero social network’s questionable origins. Swift is now among the top 10 programing languages in use. Apple has announced WWDC 2018 dates and launched the annual ticket lottery. We speculate on what WWDC will bring us and how the lottery really works. Deep Fake technology allows the live modification of video with fake content. Intel fights for its future. The annual Stack Overflow Developer Survey is out and Greg Heo joins us to go through the findings. A cryptocurrency mining app is pulled from the App Store. Picks: Google opens up maps to game developers, WWDC Scholarships, Tau Day

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Logic Pro X down sample fix

Lately Logic Pro X has not been automatically converting the sample rates of our recorded tracks. We podcast with 4 hosts and for some reason 3/4 of us are recording at 48K. The project is set to 44.1K and in the past Logic Pro X would match the sample rates when importing. Not so much any more. It’s super buggy under El Capitan as well (Good job Apple!)

So you can force Logic Pro to down sample the tracks. In the Audio Bin, control click the tracks and chose Copy/Convert. Then choose AIF and set the sample rate to 44.1K. Also leave the Change File reference in Project Audio. Logic Pro X will freeze up (way to go Apple!) but after a while you will see a project bar as the track converts to the final file.

Episode 59 – We Can’t Help Ourselves

This week we chat about Internet pricing , cell service plans and iPhone subsidies. We follow up on Content Blockers and advertising. OS X El Capitan ships and discuss upgrading strategies. We cover our recommended upgrade strategies, cloning hard drives, backup and storage. We discuss the consequences of breaking Apple’s NDA as iFixit gets kicked out.


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MTJC Podcast – Ep 8, Psychic iPhone 6 Plus Bending

Episode #8 – Psychic iPhone 6 Plus Bending – Sept 24, 2014 

In the September 24th show, we discuss our hands on experiences with handling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the odd placement of the iPhone 6 power button. Apple’s quality control, bend-gate and bend-gazi, the iOS 8.0.1 snafu and iOS 8 adoption rates one week in.


Episode 8 Show Notes:
Star Trek Next Generation Wallpapers
Awesome ScreenShot
iOS 8 update trend via Mixpanel
Apple iOS 8 numbers
Register Your iPhone at My Support Profile

My MacBook Air 13 display rotated in the System Preferences, displaying the iPhone 6 Plus simulator full screen.
My MacBook Air 13 display rotated in the System Preferences, displaying the iPhone 6 Plus simulator full screen.



Apple leather case on an iPhone 6 Plus. Showing how close to the glass the case sits.
Apple leather case on an iPhone 6 Plus. Showing how close to the glass the case sits.

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