Cocos2d 2.x vs iOS 7

A quick note about getting lots of errors when building your cocos2d app under Xcode 5.1 and iOS 7.1. It took me by surprise  after updating Xcode, so I thought I post this.

Cocos2D 2.x is not 64-bit ready. So you will need to set your Architecture to 32-bit.

Select your target.
Choose Build Settings.
Change the Architecture to $(ARCH_STANDARD_32_BIT).

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.38.02 PM


Apple should allow users to review apps while they are in the app!

In my experience the majority of users do not tend to share their true feelings about apps – because it is not convenient to do so. One of the most popular apps, Clash of Clans, crashes constantly, several times a day. The developers, Super Cell, get 100s of reviews a day, mostly 5-stars and very few 1-star reviews. You really have to dig to find reviews about the crashing.
Unfortunately Apple has set up a horrible peer review system that is severely under utilized. It takes users great effort to write a review, good or bad. It is far easier to say nothing, or simply delete the annoying app. The developers are left completely in the dark. It would be best if Apple provided a way for users to review the app while still in the app! People will only act if they don’t have to leave the situation.
It’s horrible because new users DO read the reviews and decide whether to download or delete your app. Developers have been pleading with Apple to fix this for years. Apple is too busy building data centers or reducing the weight of the next iPhone.


Device Tracker app optimized for iOS 7 on sale today

Device Tracker iconOur latest version of Device Tracker  iOS app v1.43 has gone on sale today on the App Store. We’ve rewritten the UI to take full advantage of the new layout styles in iOS 7 as well as many upgrades under the hood.

One important bug fix is the ability to edit Locations. The input method was broken on iOS 7 and went unnoticed for months. Thanks to feedback from a user, this has been remedied.

Normally $1.99, Device Tracker continues to be on sale for $0.99 until at least February.



Had enough with annoying iOS Notifications?

notificationsIf you’re like us, you (or a younger version) may have installed a Game or app on your device that insists on using Notifications. Often at the most inappropriate times. Notifications are handy for the developers to keep you engaged with their app or game. However there’s nothing worse than being notified that your “Gold storage has been updated!” in the middle of your company presentation.

Admittedly it’s better than it used to be. In previous iOS versions, you had to deal with Alerts!

So with iOS 5, Apple added the Notification center, so users could decide which apps could send them alerts.  However its not clear enough IMO why you still get banner notifications (see next paragraph.) To properly disable the notifications, of choose which will appear, switch off “Badge App Icon“, “Sounds“, “Show in Notification Center“, “Show on Lock Screen” AND set the Alert Style to “None“. (The last part is the one area I keep forgetting. It’s not that obvious).

Once you’ve set most (but maybe not all) of these settings, the app will move to the “Do Not Include” list. However one or more of these items may still be active. Annoying is to light a term IMO. So make sure you make all the settings you need. (maybe Apple should add a “Partial List” of apps.)

Xcode – Missing content in Quick Help Inspector found!

For the past couple of months, I have not been able to see any content in Xcode 5’s “Quick Help Inspector” pane. Having googled around and asked other senior developers, I could not find a solution to the mystery. I almost resorted to the most helpful suggestion – wipe the screen with a damp cloth.

I just discovered the solution by accident (I suppose I could have read the documentation or watched an online video  course.) However I just discovered the solution… in any Inspector pane you can hide or show the content by double-clicking the section title. (A really annoying feature IMO!) I had just happened to notice that hovering over the hidden section will reveal a “Show” quick tip, which disappears in short order.

So I’m posting this article in case any other developers are stumped by a missing section in Xcode.

Quick Help Inspector content hidden
Quick Help Inspector content hidden
Quick Help Inspector content revealed.
Quick Help Inspector content revealed.

Clash of Clans – maximize gold & elixir

Here’s how to get max gold and elixir without being mean.

From the start you should try to have as many gems as you can. Spend them wisely and work your way up to 1250 trophies so that you can get a third builder. (edit: You can get many more gems by removing rocks, trees, logs and mushrooms. With the exception of rocks they grow back so you can collect more gems.)

Once you get 1250 trophies there’s no point in staying at that level. In normal game play, the battles that you are matched with are based on your number of trophies you have. As you start out, keeping up with other players seems very difficult to move on, but hang in there and I will tell you how you can compete. You will need many millions of gold and elixir to advance and make your village stronger. There’s a flaw in the game logic that we can use to our advantage.

You may have noticed that other players occasionally attack you with one soldier and then lose. They are getting ready for some serious “farming”. What they are doing is letting themselves be demoted by intentionally losing trophies. That way when they get down to a level where they are matched better they can go for maximum gold and elixir.

I was at the bottom of the Gold III league (1400 trophies) but couldn’t advance or win many battles and I needed 1,200,000 gold to upgrade my town hall to level 8. So I started farming. I dropped down to 900 trophies. Then I was able to compete with players that matched me or were better. I don’t pick on players who are just starting out, in fact that is a waste of your own elixir and time. I only pick battles with players with more than 125,000 gold. Keep in mind that they also dropped down to become farmers as well. Since I first started farming, in a  week I was able to earn  over 10,000,000 gold and 10,000,000 elixir. I’m currently upgrading my town hall to level 8, building crystal walls, building a dark barracks and upgrading my other resources and defences.

So here’s the strategy:
Earn 1250 trophies to get the 400 crystals.
Then buy the third builder. You will need him.
Also removing trees and rocks will earn crystals (they re-spawn after a day so remove them all)
Then start a battle with one Barbarian and let him lose.
End the battle as soon as he is defeated and you will lose trophies.

After you have been demoted you can start looking for good battles. Remember to pick battles where you can win at least 100,000 gold. Even if you get half of the available resources you win. Farming is about getting resources, not kicking butt. If you do lose a battle (pretty rare) you get demoted and that’s not such a bad thing. Also when you are about to finish playing spend as much as you can, so you don’t lose what you have earned. (Don’t worry you only lose 10%)

Remember don’t be mean, be smart.