Announcing: Tim’s first article on

I’m pleased to announce that my first article is being published today on The RW blog is focused on producing high quality programming tutorials geared toward all levels of developers so that “we can all make awesome apps“. I have been following the RW blog since I started developing apps, around 2010 or so. I’ve been proud to support the RWTeam and blog as a student by buying their publications and singing their praises. I am extremely proud now to be contributing to the growth of other developers by contributing to the site:

You can find my premier article here:

How to Make Game Music for Beginners



Sneak peek at the upcoming MJTC Podcast

Here’s a sneak peek at our brand new podcast: More Than Just Code.

Each week, Aaron VeghJaime LopezMark Rubins and myself, Tim Mitra, will convene across the continent and discuss iOS and Mac development.

In the first episode we discuss:

  • Brent Simmons kicking off a firestorm of discussion around being an indie iOS developer.
  • A discussion of Jared Sinclair’s blog post on his indie earnings.
  • New technologies and frameworks announced at WWDC: Swift, adaptive layouts, CloudKit
  • And some type of fruit device you may or may not be sporting on your wrist.

Here’s the URL to the feed. You can launch iTunes on your desktop, select Subscribe to Podcast and paste in the URL:

[button link=”″ bg_color=”#cf93cf”]Subscribe Here[/button]

The podcast will be available shortly in the iTunes store (fingers crossed)

Comments are welcome below.

FounderDating – beware of strangers bearing gifts.

Note: The original source of this post was an email that I received on a Meetup email. The Administrator of the Meetup group normally screens emails sent to the group, for relevancy. Turns out there are a lot of spam messages sent to Meetup groups regarding FounderDating. The content is common, but the subject changes based on the group. The original post follows:

Beware of FounderDating it appears to be a viral mechanism to phish your contacts. You may receive an endorsement appearing to be from me. It is not an endorsement – not at this time any way. I’ll let you know if that changes.

A colleague of mine gave them an endorsement on a private network. So I figured I would take a look and applied. I didn’t think it was odd that it wanted me to apply through my LinkedIn profile. I rarely do allow strangers access to my contacts, but this was supposed to be a professional connection. So linkedIn made sense. I was applying to be a mentor…

What was odd was that a few hours after applying, I got an email saying that my application was incomplete. I was given a token to access the application. Before I was able to to get back to “finishing” the application, I received a “thanks but no thanks” rejection from FounderDating.

I should mention that I reached out to a friend who apparently was a member already. He didn’t mention anything was odd.

After I received the rejection, FounderDating proceed to contact the people I asked to vouch for me. Now I’m scrambling to stop them before they proceed.

I found another person whom’s experience in identical to mine.

FounderDating: Nice concept, dodgy viral mechanism

Hopefully you will read this and avoid this potential scam.

I’m not the only one who is unhappy with their endorsing system

Here’s the letter they are sending on my behalf:

Hi M*****,
I’m applying to join FounderDating (no, it’s NOT romantic) – a handpicked network of entrepreneurs – to meet other talented entrepreneurs. Can you do me a quick favor and vouch for (aka reference) me as an entrepreneur? Should take 2 minutes.

[link redacted]

(To prove that you’re the real M*****, you will be asked to use LinkedIn.)
The network is invite-only and they won’t consider my application without vouches, so I appreciate your help; adding your vouch will help me connect with world-class entrepreneurs.

Thank you,

Apple Stores to finally begin iPhone 5s display replacements on August 4th | 9to5Mac

Apple Stores to finally begin iPhone 5s display replacements on August 4th | 9to5Mac.

Apple will finally begin offering iPhone 5s screen replacements in its official U.S. and Canada retail stores in the coming days, according to several sources. Apple Store Genius Bars are said to have begun taking delivery of large quantities of iPhone 5s screens for the repair program. The crucial service’s debut is currently scheduled for Monday, August 4th. This upcoming rollout will mark an official launch as a few stores in the U.S. have piloted iPhone 5s screen repairs over the past several months. Apple officially rolled out iPhone 5c screen repairs in January, and it began replacing other iPhone 5c and 5s parts late in 2013. The screen replacements will cost approximately $150 per repair, and this is more affordable than the $269 price of completely replacing a broken iPhone 5s.

Notifications – enough already!

If are annoyed by web sites offering to send you Notifications, the last thing you need is more distractions. Notifications were a pain on iOS and now that pain is available on OSX.

To turn of the near constant offers, go to Safari Preferences and uncheck the option for web sites to ask


New Anti-Spam Legislation vs our mailing list

Effective July 1st there is a new anti-spam law in Canada, aka CASL. We have been trying to contact some of you in order to keep you on our email list. If you received such an email, it’s important that you respond. If you do not opt-in you will no longer receive email communication from iT Guy Technologies (or Tim Mitra) including invitations to upcoming events, information on hardware and software, advisories on software updates, scams and newsletters and general information. We thank those who have “opted-in” to keeping in touch. If you have not, please click here to “opt-in.”

Our Mailing List


Stop swiping to quit apps. Your battery will thank us.

The original article, The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain by Scotty Loveless, describes his experience as an Apple Store Genius. He describes the tests he was involved with and imparts some insider knowledge on battery drain on the iPhone:

The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain

Here are the highlights:

1. Turn off Location Services and Background App Refresh

So I tried disabling Location Services  and Background App Refresh  for Facebook, and you’ll never guess what happened: my battery percentage increased. It jumped from 12% to 17%. Crazy.

2. Stop swiping to close apps. Launching and quoting apps draws power as the app loads into RAM.

What most people tell you is that closing your apps will save your battery life because it keeps the apps from running in the background.
Yes, it does shut down the app, but what you don’t know is that you are actually making your battery life worse if you do this on a regular basis.

Thanks to @sethfri for sharing it.

WWDC 2014 Keynote – what to expect

I posted a couple of images to the WWDC 2014 Glassboard page, for a couple of WWDC 2014 first timers. I’m reposting them here for those of you who haven’t heard about the board.

You can join the WWDC 2014 Glassboard discussion here:

Keynote line up and Badge pickup – I checked the timestamps on my photos from last year’s keynote. If you can pick up your Badge on Sunday. The line up starts early in the morning – I mean early! We went down at 6 am last year to join friends who lined up at 11pm Sunday. Apple let us into the building to line up on the second level at 7:15 am. There’s coffee, juices and pastries. We had to wait in the crowded halls until 9:30 am when they let us into the main room for the the keynote. Like others have said (I couldn’t find the old thread) you can line up after 9 am and you might also get into the main room. Lining up for the keynote is an experience like no other (except maybe the line up to Star Wars Episode VII). If you can travel down with some other devs, meet some in the line up. You can pick up your badge on Monday morning, but get it out of the way on Sunday if you can.


the keynote line is on the right side and wraps around the building. The line up on the left is the Monday morning badge pick up line.


 This is the front of the line inside at 7:20 am.


Going up the escalator at 9:30am (WWDC 12)


This is a close as you can get. Those seats in front are the VIP section. (those are friends who got moved up to VIP with their boss)


This was Steve at the keynote. Again from the second row, behind the VIPs. c WWDC 11?

What’s in a name?

Screen Shot 2012-04-14 at 4.30.55 PMWe’ve been operating with the trade name “iT Guy Technologies” for the past nine years. The name has served us well, particularly in the early days. We launched the company as a service and consulting company specializing in Information Technologies for the graphic arts and publishing trades. We joined the Apple Consultants Network a few years later and for around four years or so we were an Authorized Apple Reseller, providing Apple software and hardware to our clients.

That said our real passion has been in creating compelling solutions for our clients. That has been either as developing interactive web sites and for the past five years developing apps for the iOS platform. Over the nine years, our business focus has shifted from IT services with a small percentage of development to mostly software development. We’ve been mulling over whether to spin off the IT services or create a new company that focusses on development only. Having “iT Guy” in the name of the company has often obscured our real value as technology consultants. It has also managed to pigeonhole our business. Half of our clients know us as developers and the rest think we just fix email problems. In fact, I prefer to think of myself as a renaissance man, mastering many fields and delegating the rest.

In truth I’ve been developing apps since the early nineties. A few years ago I even registered Meathead Games. (some of you will understand.) It’s time for a name change.

Here are some of the names I came up with. Let me know what you think? (imagine ending with Software or Development)

App Saraware
App Samsoft
Tab Sphere
Sprite Bike
Space Sprite
Solve Goblin
Sphere Solve
Lution Space
Lution Apps
Tab Mobius
Space Mobious
Sphere Mobious
Dev Mobious
Olution Apps
Mobius Space

Suggest a name?