iT Guy at the 2009 Apple Expo

We will be in attendance at the 2009 Apple Expo, which is being held at the Distillery District on August 20 – 21, 2009. We will be manning the Apple Consultant Network booth and our leader, Tim, will be presenting two seminars.

From their web site:
Meet the best Mac manufacturers, see live product demonstrations, touch and feel the latest products and learn from the best Mac experts in Canada. You even get an opportunity to help us select the specific manufacturers or types of products you want to see.

This is a uniquely Canadian event exclusively for Mac enthusiasts as well as people contemplating switching to a Mac.

On Friday, August 21 from 3pm to 9pm, you can enjoy the biggest Apple event in Canada. Stay back for the after-event Apple Expo Party with over 300 Mac VIPs – mingle, enjoy great food, drinks, conversation and entertainment!

This is the once-a-year Canadian Mac Extravaganza exclusively for Mac users like you. You are invited to join 3,000 other Mac users! Only $15 to register today for full access to the Exhibition Halls!

The Distillery Historic District
55 Mill Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 3C4

Register Here

Contact us if you’d like to attend the Expo for Free. registered

The domain was registered in Toronto on March 2, 2000.

It was on a lark. I had just been “promoted” from General Manager to IT Manager. I was in the CFO’s office and he asked some obscure IT question.
“How am I supposed to know?”, was my reply.

“You’re the IT Guy”, he said.
“That’s ridiculous, you just gave me that title. The knowledge doesn’t automatically come with the title.” And suddenly I was an IT Guy!

When I got back to my office I registered the domain name!