Talk: 5 Ways to Level Up Your Mobile Development

Talk Abstract

Making successful apps is daunting. New skills must be attained. Choosing frameworks, and building safe code requires knowledge. This talk covers ways to acquire new knowledge, safe practices, and how to get the various parts of a project done. The work, as it turns out, is more than just code.

Talk Description

Being a successful developer can mean many things. You may want your apps to be used by many people—often, and with pleasure, surprise, and delight. You may also be looking to level-up your career or to teach others. Heck, you might even want to podcast about development. So, how do you get into the position to be successful?

This talk takes a look at techniques to level-up your mobile toolchain. I like to say it takes more than just code to make an app. In some ways, you need to be a multipotentialite. We’ll look at how you can use aspects of several sciences and best practices to tool-up for success. We’ll cover the reasons that make products successful, how to create a community, why it’s important to give back, and how to decide what to include (and what to cut). On the coding side, we’ll look at strategies for good code, technical debt, and project management. We’ll even look at brain science to find out how to retain all of this info and the skills you’ll need to be a success.


I am a mobile app developer, podcaster and artist. I have taught iOS dev, Swift and Objective-C. I’m currently a Development Manager – iOS at TD Bank. I also run iT Guy Technologies, a software development company in Toronto, Canada. I studied Fine Arts before there were Macs and I’ve worked for many years in software development, IT, graphic design, publishing and printing. I’m the founder, producer and host of the More Than Just Code Podcast — a podcast covering mobile app development & business and SpockCast a sci-fi pop culture podcast. Tim is also co-host of Roundabout Creative Chaos podcast.

I have given several talks over the years. I’ve spoken at 360iDev, Indie Devstock and Expo Canada. I spoken on iOS app development, developer skills as well as macOS and Unix basics.


  • a short discussion of the More Than Just Code podcast. To give guidance to fellow developers on iOS dev and App business
  • Start with “Why”. Intention is important in what we do and deliver to others.
  • How am I making a difference in other’s lives?
  • How to make a dent in the universe, through your work. Why do we do the things we do and will we be remembered for it.
  • I wrote an article about “Learning After 50”, which lead to brain science and neuroplasticty
  • “Hacking your brain”. How the brain works – a discussion on forming memories and behaviours from brain research and how you can use practice to enhance your studies
  • examples of how I use this new knowledge to learn new songs and instruments. I also use this to learn new skills related to mobile development such as SwiftUI and Combine.
  • Community
  • giving constructive and helpful code reviews and peer reviews.
  • giving back to others in our iOS and mobile dev community.
  • becoming a mentor to others.
  • We are taught how to drive but there is no similar course on how to communicate.
  • looking at the amygdala and neocortex and how they influence our reactions and communication.
  • we all have a negativity bias that leads to self doubt and imposter syndrome
  • the role of Craftsmanship in our work.
  • adopting SwiftUI and Combine and techniques to get involved based on what we learned.
  • where we are in the universe as an object lesson about self importance.
  • concludes with an example of iPad empowering communication.

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