My Top Seven Podcasts #tryPod

March is podcasting month. So I thought I would list my own Top Seven Podcasts.

7. More Than Just Code

This is actually my own podcast, so naturally it’s my favorite. I do enjoy producing it and listen to each episode at least 4 times. Every now and then I’ll listen a fifth or sixth time.

6. Roundabout Creative Chaos

I’m a co-host on this podcast with Tammy Coron. I listened to this show every week before I was on it. I still listen to each show as they’re published.


I try not to miss this one either.

4. Core Intuition

I don’t listen as often as I should, but I have never heard a bad episode.

3. Release Notes

On Monday, I will listen to ReleaseNotes! Never miss it.

2. Spark From CBC Radio

Norah Young hosts a great show on your digital life. It’s on the radio on Sunday afternoon, but I listen to it in podcast form. Never miss it.

1. Under The Influence from CBC Radio

This is far and away my favorite show. Terry O’Reilly is a brilliant story teller, who explains marketing to the layman. It’s great. I listen to this show over and over. He also has a couple of books based on this show, as well as one on his previous show The Age of Persuasion.


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