Is Amazon Trying to Rip Off Canadians?

I mentioned this on the podcast a few episodes ago, but I go shot down. I edited my comments out. However there continues to be a huge disparity in the pricing of identical products between Amazon Canada and the main Amazon in the USA. I was looking for a track for my grandson’s birthday in July. I fooled up the price on the Apple Store as well as on Amazon. Apple was asking $45 and Amazon Canada was asking over $350 plus shipping! I bought the track from Apple with free shipping. See the screenshot below. A 560% increase in cost (based on today’s exchange rate)

Note the discrepancy between the Canadian price above and the US Store price.


A few days later I was looking for a shock mount for my Yeti microphone. Imagine my surprise when there was a huge discrepancy between the US and Canadian stores. see the image. A 370% increase.



Again today I found another potential rip off. A 400% increase.


So I’m calling out Amazon Canada. WTF? Every price I look up is marked up incredibly.

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