MTJC Podcast – Ep 9 – Flippin’ the table

Episode #9 – Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible… – J Swift – Oct 1, 2014 

In the light of some twisted media misdirection, we discuss the Apple’s ability to focus on issues. Are they moving too fast and trying to over deliver? We also delve into the state of Apple’s lauded new programming language Swift. Is it really ready for prime time?


Episode 9 Show Notes:


Episode 9 Show Notes:


iOS 8 Bugs reported by hundreds of users
iOS 8 bug could delete your iCloud Drive documents
Apple promised an expansive health app, so why can’t I track my menstruation?
iOS 8 bug affects health apps
iOS 8 causing widespread connectivity issues in cars/
It Just Works

Swift Essential Training
Book – IOS 8 by Tutorials

Doublie app
Spigen – iPhone 6 Air Case



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