Episode #10 – I am the one who knocks. I am Yosemite – Oct 8, 2014

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This week we ponder the significance of Apple’s upcoming October 16th press conference, It’s been far too long. Will there be a new iPad, or Mac’s. What mountains will Apple climb next. We also take an overdue look at Estimote’s iBeacon implementation. We discuss the trilateralization of electrons and their effect on the disappearance of StarTrek hardware.

Episode 10 Show Notes:

Daring Fireball: Note to Self: It’s the Storage Space, Stupid
Accidental Tech Podcast: atp.fm
Appannie report: is Android worth it?
the Loop: Samsung Pitch to build A9
SixColors: Apple event set for Oct. 16
Heisenberg compensator
Estimote iBeacon indoor positioning
Bob Kressin: KS Technologies Particle iBeacon
9to5mac App with launcher extension removed from App Store
Atomic Bird: iOS 8 App Extension Development Tips
Tumblr’s experience creating an Extension

I don't remember where I found this. Let us know in the comments. Thx

I don’t remember where I found this. Let us know in the comments. Thx

Pick of the Week:
Wdgts for iOS
Prompt 2 by Panic
Evernote + Moleskin
Ben Scheirman: 75 Essential Tools for iOS Developers


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