FounderDating – beware of strangers bearing gifts.

Note: The original source of this post was an email that I received on a Meetup email. The Administrator of the Meetup group normally screens emails sent to the group, for relevancy. Turns out there are a lot of spam messages sent to Meetup groups regarding FounderDating. The content is common, but the subject changes based on the group. The original post follows:

Beware of FounderDating it appears to be a viral mechanism to phish your contacts. You may receive an endorsement appearing to be from me. It is not an endorsement – not at this time any way. I’ll let you know if that changes.

A colleague of mine gave them an endorsement on a private network. So I figured I would take a look and applied. I didn’t think it was odd that it wanted me to apply through my LinkedIn profile. I rarely do allow strangers access to my contacts, but this was supposed to be a professional connection. So linkedIn made sense. I was applying to be a mentor…

What was odd was that a few hours after applying, I got an email saying that my application was incomplete. I was given a token to access the application. Before I was able to to get back to “finishing” the application, I received a “thanks but no thanks” rejection from FounderDating.

I should mention that I reached out to a friend who apparently was a member already. He didn’t mention anything was odd.

After I received the rejection, FounderDating proceed to contact the people I asked to vouch for me. Now I’m scrambling to stop them before they proceed.

I found another person whom’s experience in identical to mine.

FounderDating: Nice concept, dodgy viral mechanism

Hopefully you will read this and avoid this potential scam.

I’m not the only one who is unhappy with their endorsing system

Here’s the letter they are sending on my behalf:

Hi M*****,
I’m applying to join FounderDating (no, it’s NOT romantic) – a handpicked network of entrepreneurs – to meet other talented entrepreneurs. Can you do me a quick favor and vouch for (aka reference) me as an entrepreneur? Should take 2 minutes.

[link redacted]

(To prove that you’re the real M*****, you will be asked to use LinkedIn.)
The network is invite-only and they won’t consider my application without vouches, so I appreciate your help; adding your vouch will help me connect with world-class entrepreneurs.

Thank you,

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