Xcode – Missing content in Quick Help Inspector found!

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For the past couple of months, I have not been able to see any content in Xcode 5’s “Quick Help Inspector” pane. Having googled around and asked other senior developers, I could not find a solution to the mystery. I almost resorted to the most helpful suggestion – wipe the screen with a damp cloth.

I just discovered the solution by accident (I suppose I could have read the documentation or watched an online video  course.) However I just discovered the solution… in any Inspector pane you can hide or show the content by double-clicking the section title. (A really annoying feature IMO!) I had just happened to notice that hovering over the hidden section will reveal a “Show” quick tip, which disappears in short order.

So I’m posting this article in case any other developers are stumped by a missing section in Xcode.

Quick Help Inspector content hidden

Quick Help Inspector content hidden

Quick Help Inspector content revealed.

Quick Help Inspector content revealed.

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On December 30, 2013
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10 Responses to Xcode – Missing content in Quick Help Inspector found!

  1. MAx says:

    Thank you man, I just wanted to crash my head against the keyboard. And you saved me! What a stupid and useless feature…

  2. Johann Weitzer says:

    Thanks from me as well! I think this is the only source for solution

  3. SAI says:

    I can’t believe it was that easy! It’s been doing my head in for ages!!! A big THANKS 😀

  4. Ron says:

    Thanks! I was just about to reinstall Xcode myself when I found your post.

    Now I just feel silly.

    • Tim Mitra says:

      Don’t feel silly. I’m pretty sure that I did reinstall Xcode. Fortunately I have it installed on a second Mac. That’s where I spotted the “show/hide” option.

  5. Bert R says:

    Thank you!!!!!
    It was driving me nuts already.
    Thank you!!!!!
    Thank you!!!!!

  6. Oh for the love of …
    I just reinstalled Xcode trying to fix this. It has been bugging me for a month.
    Thanks, this made my day.

  7. tontoncd says:

    Thanks, thanks, thanks !!!!

  8. dev says:

    even i was struggling with this problem,Thanks Man !!

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