What is an App worth? Proved on eBay app sells for over $16K

Buck Shot App

Buck Shot App developer Neal Schmidt, tired of issues around supporting the app he created, has sold the app for $16,600 USD on eBay.

Bidding started at $10 and rose to $16,000 before closing today. Mr Schmidt is selling the whole company that is listed as the “developer”. As long as Apple allows the sale – they have the ultimate say over whether an App goes on sale and continues to be available. (Hmm… wonder what it says in the terms and conditions).

This is great news for our fellow developers as it sets a president as to what an App is actually worth in dollars and sense! In real terms, a game is a game but often an App can represent or extend a brand. Then it can be argued that a successfully executed App can create more exposure for companies. Then it’s worth it’s weight in positive spin.

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