iT Guy Technologies Announces iPad Publishing Solution

Toronto, Canada – iT-Guy Technologies has launched a revolutionary, new publishing system designed to take magazine-style content and deliver it via the App Store right to your readers on an iPad. The flexible publishing engine can deliver all types of content including magazine-style editorial and photography, books, annual reports, catalogues and portfolios. The solution is perfect for publishers looking for a fast way to get their content into the fastest growing market around… the Apple App Store!

The platform provides support for embedded graphic, text, video and audio, or content delivered through web-based applications. It has support for built-in database access and online searching, so users can access data and view it on the app. The system can categorize any of the information with a table of contents. The content is delivered through the latest technologies available to the iPad and iPhone: iOS 4.2, HTML5 and CSS3.

Our clients have used the platform to successfully publish multiple apps to the App Store and have reduced the production time per app from 2 months to 2 weeks.

The platform is currently at version 1.3, we continue to enhance the platform with new content features with each edition.

The platform has produced several iterations currently available on the App Store. These include applications published by 2 For Life Media Inc., with successful titles “2 For Couples”, “ULTIMATE WEDDING PLANNER by 2 for Couples”, “101 BRIDAL GOWNS: Big Style For Your Big Day” and “101 Valentine’s Gifts”.

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