No Parking Please

Q. How does it work when you want to acquire a domain name that is parked by someone else? I was looking into registering a domain but it looks like it’s just kind of sitting there…

A. Registering a domain name is similar to getting a deed or more accurately a lease to some actual real estate. You determine a name for your domain and contact a registrar to pay for the rights to that domain name. The domain is yours to use for as many years as you pay for it. While you hold the rights to a domain you have the exclusive use of it.

A domain is meant to be a group of computers and or services owned by a single organization. A domain can be as small as a single computer or server that hosts a website, an email server and/or an FTP site. Often a domain is named for the company that owns it such as, or but often the most successful domains are named for the service or information they provide.

Unfortunately nearly every combination of English words have already be registered and parked. The owners may be speculating that someone would be willing to pay more privately for the domain and the squatter would profit from the sale. Parked pages also can be set up to advertise other services and the squatter could enjoy recurring revenues from the ads. If you really want a particular domain name you may have to offer pay extra to get it.

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