Web site to connect clients with iPhone developers in Canada

iphone_icon_smI was discussing resources for iPhone developers on a LinkedIn group – because I need to quote some clients and wondered what others were doing.

Since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of ways to connect coders with clients, I launched a web site: iPhone Apps Canada as a place where clients can get estimates from local developers. The rough plan is to have clients sign up securely and set out some requirements – then we could match the clients to skill sets available to the developers who are out there.

So far we have a handful of developers who have signed up – and we’re open to suggestions. The plan is to share insights on working with clients, quoting on development and getting paid. We are at the grass roots level now but if you are a developer and you’re interested go to the site and add your name to the list.

You provide your clients with a free iPhone app that extends your marketing message and improve your clients overall experience. If you are looking for a local developer with the skills you need – sign up at iPhone Apps Canada and we will do our best to connect you. Buy Canadian eh?

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