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Q. Using Microsoft Outlook I send email to everyone in my “Office” with a list. I start typing the name of the list and Outlook automatically fills it in. However I cannot edit the “Office” list after we upgraded my Outlook to add or remove addresses. I also cannot find the original list in my Contacts.

A. One of the things that email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Entourage and Apple’s Mail do is cache your email addresses. They store your addresses this way s that you can quickly address a message. The cache stores addresses of people and list that you send to and address from messages you have received. You can add addresses to your Address Book or Contacts by right-clicking on the addresses. However you cannot easily edit the cached addresses.

After you upgraded your Outlook your application migrated the cache file (called “Outlook.NK2” on Windows) so that your ability to quickly access addresses is maintained. The only way to regain the ability to edit the list is to recreate it. In Microsoft Outlook, click on Contacts and choose “New Distribution List” from the File menu. Give it a name like “Office 2” and add the addresses you need in the list. Your Contacts will maintain your list for future additions and deletions.

You can select and auto completed email and press the Down Arrow and Delete where it appears. The more extreme method is to delete the Outlook.NK2 file but you will lose all the cached addresses. With Apple’s Mail you can edit “Previous Recipients” under the Window menu.

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