Recover your mail stored on Yahoo’s folders

Q. My Internet Service Provider (ISP) uses Yahoo mail as the online mail and I have been storing my messages in folders that I made online. When I connect my Mail application to get my email, I cannot get the folders or the messages. Is there a way to import the messages from Yahoo?

A. When you log onto the Internet to check your email you are most likely using an IMAP account – which stores the messages on a server. When you connect your local Mail client to fetch your email you ISP often requires you to use POP3, which moves the messages from your Inbox on the server to your Mac. The problem is that POP3 knows nothing about the other folders you have created using the IMAP so your messages cannot be retrieved.
You can export your messages from Yahoo and then store them on your Mac. Yahoo will archive them into a zip file – it will contain “eml” files. Unfortunately you cannot import eml files into Mail but Apple’s built in Spotlight will index the messages. It makes it possible to search the contents and when you double click a chosen message it will open in Mail – then you can reply or forward the message.
Here are the steps to download your messages:
1. Log into and go to “Mail”.
2. Click on the “Options” link on the right side.
3. Click “Archive Messages” on the right.
4. Under “Step 1 of 2: Build Archive” choose a folder from the pull down menu.
5. Press the “Continue” button.
6. Press “Download Archive”.

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