Windows File Sharing on Leopard

Q. Does Windows File Sharing run automatically on Leopard, or is there something else I need to do?

A. Windows file sharing is still available in Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard although it appears to be hidden. To turn on Windows file sharing, open “System Preferences” and click on the sharing icon. Next put a checkmark next to “File Sharing” and with it highlighted you should see the current shared Folders and Users who are able to connect to your Mac. When a user from a remote Mac or Windows machine wants to access a file they would connect by either by choosing “Connect to Server” in the Finder on the Mac or by choosing your Mac from “My Network Places”.

In previous versions of OS X, Windows file sharing was sharing preference on its own. In Leopard, File Sharing is customized the “Options…” button. From there you can control whether users can connect to by Apple Filesharing Protocol, Windows File Sharing, also known as SMB and Samba, as well as FTP. By default only AFP is active. When you choose “Share files and folders with SMB”, you will also need to choose the user account that is able to access the files on your Mac and you will also need to authenticate the access by entering your username and password.

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