Open Quark 6 and 7 files in InDesign

Q. We have many files in QuarkXpress and our client has asked us to send them InDesign files. We tried to open the QuarkXpress files in InDesign but we get an error about a missing plug-in. How can we convert the files to InDesign format?

A. InDesign was able to open QuarkXpress files in the past, however InDesign can longer open files created by QuarkXpress version 6, 7 or the soon to be released QuarkXpress version 8. Well, not without help any way. You can “Export Layout as Project” and choose version 6. Then open the file in version 6 and “Save As” version 5. Afterwards open the file in QuarkXpress version 5 and save it again to get rid of any stray version 6 code. Down-saving a file this way means that your file will lose all of the newer effects in your files.

For around $200 per license you can use Markzware’s Q2ID v3 plug-in for InDesign to open any “Collected” QuarkXpress file. It works with 90 percent of the items in the file and preserves image links and font information. Q2ID v3 includes the plug-in for InDesign CS2 and CS3.

We are Markzware resellers, contact us if you would like to buy a copy of Q2ID

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