Should I get a MacBook Air?

Q. I really like the weight and features of the new MacBook Air. Would you recommend it as replacement for my PC?

A. First of all you should ask yourself what services do you need. If you want a computer for access to the Internet and Email, there is no longer a compelling reason why you wouldn’t simply use a Mac. Macs are not susceptible to viruses and spyware, which detract from an enjoyable Internet experience. Macintosh web browsers are all 3.0 web browsers whether you use Safari or Firefox (I recommend you use both) and you can use Apple’s Mail application, Mozilla’s Thunderbird or Microsoft’s Entourage, which is included with Office 2008.

If you want to play games then get a gaming console. Gaming systems include Internet access, HD and Blue Ray players and gaming controllers. So why burden your PC with the increased need for hardware resources, incompatible software drivers and, Oh ya, viruses and spy ware?

If your serious about a MacBook Air, you should keep in mind that it is part of a new paradigm. Apple’s push is towards wireless computing. In the US, you can rent movies through iTunes. Move files around wirlessly between your iMac, Apple TV, iPod Touch and iPhone. The MacBook Air with the thinnest and lightest laptop with a fullsized keyboard and screen which can be used independently but lacks ports other than a single USB 2 port. So it is intended for a true didgtal nomad. If you need access to a network or vast amounts of memory then the MacBook Air may be a better choice as a second computer. You could use an iMac as your desktop computer.

Let us know if you’d like to see a MacBook Air. We have a demo unit.

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