Preview images in the Finder

Q. I recently bought my first Mac after using a PC for years. On my PC if I looked at a folder of images I would see thumbnails of each picture. How do you do that in the Finder?

A.With MacOS X, you can view a folder of images as preview icons. In the Finder, open the folder with the pictures. Then switch to icon view (by pressing the Apple key and “1”). You can also press the “View Icon” at the top of the Finder window. The View Icon allows you to change the view from view as icons, to view as list or view as columns. You’ll probably see either the generic preview icon or the icon of the application that created the file.

With the “view as icons” set, open the View menu and choose “View options (or press Apple and “J”). A small view options pallet will open. At the top, you can choose to have the settings apply locally with “This Window only” or globally with “All windows”. Below this you’ll find a slider that will let you choose the size of the icons, the default size is 48 by 48 pixels.

Further down is the section with checkboxes. Place a check in the third choice and you will show the “icon preview”. If you applied this change to all windows – then your Finder windows will behave in a similar way as they appear in Windows XP.

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