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Q. Every time I launch Safari it asks me to enter my Keychain Password. I’ve entered my password but it won’t accept it. How can I fix this?
A. The reason why the Keychain prompt comes up is probably because your login password was changed recently. By the way, I’m referring to the password used to log into the Mac when it starts. In fact, your Mac may be set to “login automatically” in which case it doesn’t ask for you password.
There are a couple of ways to change your password. You can simply change the password through the System Preference pane “Accounts”. Simply type a new password into the Password field (you will be asked to supply the old password.) Once the new password is confirmed it becomes active.
Your password can also be changed by your system administrator (I’m not going to go into that now – it’s a “need to know” issue of security.) Often when the “login” password is changed but the “Keychain password” is not changed.
The Keychain is a utility that stores frequently used passwords, such as server logins, your mail login and some web cookies that can store your passwords. You should be aware that if you save a password in the keychain (by checking “Add password to Keychain”) then any other user can access these areas if the use your account.
Additionally, if you know your Keychain password you can go to the “Keychain Access” utility (located in /Applications/Utilities) and remove the passwords you don’t want stored there. You will see a list of your stored keychain items. You can even see the password that was entered. You will need to enter your password to see the stored password.
A word of CAUTION. You should be aware of this feature and never store banking passwords or any other sensitive passwords in the keychain. If someone can figure out your login password they can find out your stored keychain passwords.
Now to answer the question of how the fix the original problem, when you don’t know your Keychain password: Simply open your “Keychains” folder in the Library of your home folder. Find the file with your login name and throw it in the Trash. Your Mac will then build a new empty keychain – with your current password. Then you won’t be asked to enter the unknown password.

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