Import Mail from Netscape

Q How can I import my email from Netscape 7 into Entourage or Apple’s Mail.
A. Netscape’s mail boxes are actually in an open mail box file format called “mbox”. Locate your mailboxes in the Mozilla directory in your Documents folder in your Home folder. Look for the files without extensions. (The files with the “,msf” extension are indexes.) Copy these files to another location and add “.mbox” to the file name.
In Entourage you can drag and drop them on the folders in the “On My Computer” folder. Entourage will then convert them to it’s own format. It will create a subfolder with the same name as the mbox. With Mail you can place the mbox inside Mailboxes folder inside the Mail folder in your Library again. When you restart Mail it will recreate the indexes.
If you’re moving from a PC using Outlook you can install Netscape or Thunderbird then import the mail from Outlook. Then you can move the files from “Documents and Settings/yourname/Application Data/Mozilla/XXXX/Profiles/Mail” to you Mac. Then use the above trick – rename the files by adding “.mbox” and you’ll have all your email.

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