Stop Safari’s Cache

Q. I often find that web sites get stuck when using Safari, unless I delete the Cache regularly. How can I make the sites update properly.
A. There are two possible answers. The Safari browser does tend to get stuck when it should be updating the content. Images and Flash content on web sites are normally stored in the browser’s cache to speed up the images that are on the site. If you frequently visit a site the second time you come to a site your browser may call on a cached image. Most browsers have a preference which can control or prevent the cache from updating.
Safari doesn’t have a setting to control the cache. If you want to stop Safari from caching web content, you can quit the browser then remove the cache folder from the “Library” directory in your home folder. Look for “Safari” in the “Caches” folder. (~/Library/Caches/Safari), move this folder to the Trash. Next create a file called “Safari”. The next time you launch Safari it will run without caching the content. (You can also try this trick with Firefox. You do have a copy of Firefox, don’t you?) To restore normal caching, trash the file you made and Safari will recreate the cache folder.
The second answer is the update Safari to the latest version, which seems to have better control of caching. (For Panther that would be Safari v 1.3.1.)

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