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Q. My customers say they can’t connect to our FTP site. What software do you recommend for FTP.
A. Here’s a little know secret – both Windows and MacOS X operating systems come with FTP installed already. Many users decide to use software with a GUI (graphic user interface) because it seems easier to use. FTP or “file transfer protocol” is one of the oldest methods for moving files between computers.
If you like you can send files from the command line using FTP. On Windows open the Command Prompt application and on MacOS X open the Terminal application. Navigate to the folder where your file is located and then enter “ftp” at the command prompt followed by the ftp server’s address. You will be asked to enter a username followed by a password. To send a file type “put” followed by the filename. To get a file from the server type “get” followed by the filename. To find other command you can type “?” and the ftp program will list the other commands. When you’re finished type “bye” to disconnect.
On MacOS I recommend “Interarchy” or “Fetch” on the PC I’ve used “CuteFTP” and “ws-ftp”, but in a pinch you can always use the built in ftp software. Most of these applications use a more user friendly way of showing the files on your own machine and the remote server. You connect with a server address, user name and password. Then simply drag the files across. One last thing to keep in mind is that you should always send your files in a “zip” archive because this format will protect the file while it goes on the Internet.

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